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How does Visual Website Optimizer work?

over 2 years ago

How does Visual Website Optimizer work?

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Response by VWO

about 2 years ago

1) When you create your first A/B test, you get a one-time code snippet from Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). Add this code to your website’s HTML and you’re good to go. Create unlimited tests anywhere on your website. There’s no need for you to add the code again.

2) When visitors land on the page on which you’re running a test, VWO code calls for the test pages set up by you during the design phase. These pages are then randomly served to visitors who become a part of your test(s).

3) If it is a split URL test, VWO divides the traffic between the two (or more) URLs that you’ve set up for your test. Visitors are randomly directed to these URLs.

4) Once the page is displayed and the conversion goal is completed by the visitor, Visual Website Optimizer logs it in your conversion data.