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How effective is the Google AdWords integration?

almost 4 years ago

How effective is the Google AdWords integration?

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Response by Zoho

about 2 years ago

If you use Google AdWords to drive potential customers to your website and a customer relationship management system (CRM) to track offline sales made through phone calls, emails, or direct sales, it can be difficult for your business to determine how your online campaign investments lead to offline conversion data stored in Zoho CRM.

With Zoho CRM for Google AdWords, you can import your campaigns, ad groups, conversions, campaign cost etc. into Zoho CRM so you can see which keywords and campaigns are driving sales or generating revenue. Plus, you can also export Zoho CRM sales data into AdWords so you can better optimize your bids and budgets to yield maximum revenue and profits. Once you merge your Google online marketing with Zoho's sales data, both sales and marketing teams can learn which marketing strategies are driving the best return on investment.