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How is Membrain different from Salesforce?

almost 4 years ago

And can they co-exist?

  • sales performance management
  • sales pipeline management
  • sales coaching
  • sales crm
  • sales process
  • b2b prospecting
  • b2b sales
  • opportunity management

Vendor Responses

Response by Membrain

about 2 years ago

The initial promise of CRM systems was to gather all information about customers in a central database. Salesforce’s moved CRM to the cloud and removed the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware.

CRM focuses on data-entry and reporting.

Membrain’s promise is to drive best-practice behaviors to increase win-rates in complex b2b sales, backed by research and sales experts. Membrain focuses on the sales process, pipeline momentum and sales coaching.

You can use Membrain as a standalone sales platform (it includes a CRM database) or as a complement to Salesforce.