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How to set up campaign?

over 2 years ago

How to set up campaign?

Vendor Responses

Response by CrazyCall

about 2 years ago

The campaign is now fully operational and you can start your journey, although we suggest to play with settings to properly adjust it. If you will click on the gear icon in the campaign you will see 6 different tabs.

In this tabs you will be able to add personalized reasons for why record got closed or rescheduled, set to what countries you want to call and set few timers:

Warm up time - the time after the call, during which the agent can save the call as a success or assign different status to it. When the time will pass, the next number will be dialed.

Max schedule days - number of days after the call, on which agent can reschedule the contact

Max. time to edit records - the maximum time, during which the record can be edited/reopen