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How to start?

almost 3 years ago

Is it difficult to start?

Vendor Responses

Response by CrazyCall

over 2 years ago

Since every journey needs some preparation, we do as well. We have to make sure you have everything you need for a proper start. CrazyCall should work on all modern computers, although these computers should have:

Web browser

Oracle Java 1.7.45+ (Don’t know what version you have? No worries, you can always check your version at http://www.java.com/verify and in case it’s not sufficient download the newest at https://www.java.com/en/download/)

Symmetrical internet connection 0.1 Mbps per 1 work station

Allow to run Java Applet signed by CrazyCall sp. z o.o.

Allow Java application to originate network traffic (Windows Firewall)

Additionally you need to allow the traffic towards:

UDP: 6060

UDP: 20000 - 30000


We’re good to go! What now? Now we should create your first campaign!