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How will Basis help my agency?

about 1 year ago

How will Basis help my agency manage my digital media business?

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Response by Basis

about 1 year ago

Programmatic buying is expected to reach $33 billion in spend in 2017 (and $40B in 2018 according to EMarketer). Basis provides the ability to automate ad buying across an increasingly complex digital landscape, paired with operational efficiency and digital scale, it is the right solution for agencies.

The complexity of the digital media landscape means that your agency is likely using more and more disparate platforms, services, and tactics to operate campaigns. With a solution comprised of incomplete or ill-fitting products cobbled together, your agency is not seeing the complete picture of what your business can do to drive better results and gain competitive advantage. Coupled with the pressure to drastically increase efficiency and show real effectiveness, your media team will need the right data and actionable insights to become strategic consultants for your clients.