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    HPE VM Explorer vs. its competitors

    almost 2 years ago

    How does HPE VM Explorer stack up to its competitors?

    Vendor Responses

    Response by Micro Focus VM Explorer

    almost 2 years ago

    1. Ease-of-Use: VM Explorer is entirely managed via the single web portal, including our Exchange support. All tasks - configuration, backup, restore, and replication – are done through an intuitive easy to use web based UI enabling customers to manage their entire backup environment from any web browser on their network. Other competitors (for e.g. Veeam) has separate GUI’s for different modules: As Veeam has grown, they have added different UIs and applications that users launch to perform various tasks, such as Exchange Explorer. This is a fragmented approach and complicates the usability.

    2. Price: Some competitors start out with SMB pricing but add certain limitations to their SMB edition of the product. For example, Veeam Backup Essentials - is price competitive, but limited to 6 CPU sockets. If a customer grows beyond 6 CPU sockets, they are forced to upgrade to the more expensive Veeam Availability suite, which has all the bells-and-whistles that SMB customers don’t need. With no cap on the number of CPU sockets, VM Explorer remains inexpensive as customers’ IT environments grow. VM Explorer’s licensing model is both affordable and simple. Available in 2 editions – Professional and Enterprise – VM Explorer is up to 70% more affordable than Veeam enabling customers to have more money in their pocket to spend on better hardware. This is important for EG as 99% of their customers have more than 6 CPU sockets so they have never been able to sell the Veeam SMB offering.

    3. Speed: installing and configuring VM Explorer is as easy as breathing air. The entire installation and setup takes less than 5 min – very convenient for customers. Managing backup, restore, and replication tasks are done through an intuitive and easy to navigate web-based user interface. Its self-service capabilities eliminate the need for special training and enable easy maintenance – this is perfect for IT generalists that SMBs typically have.

    4. Language support: VM Explorer is more suitable for a global audience. It’s GUI is available in 9 different languages – English, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Just like other things, adding a language support in VMX is simple and straightforward and can be done within a week.

    5. Native integration with cloud: VM Explorer provides native integration with major cloud providers including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and Rackspace i.e. it works directly with the cloud service providers API for direct integration. Other vendors can write data to the cloud but require an intermediary appliance. For example, the only way Veeam can write data to Azure is either through a StoreSimple appliance (which means more storage needed on-premise for a staging location) and then StorSimple replicates the data to Azure, or through a compute instance which is more expensive. VM Explorer does not need this middle-man appliance and can write directly to the cloud.

    6. Unlimited CPU sockets: VM Explorer is available in two editions – professional edition that includes 4 physical CPU socket and enterprise edition that includes 6 physical CPU socket. Additional CPU sockets can be purchased. With VMX customers can keep adding CPU sockets as their business grows - there is no cap on CPU sockets and no forced upgrade to the higher more expensive edition.

    7. SMB focused: SMBs needs an easy-to-use, fairly priced, and reliable backup solution and VM Explorer is just that. HPE VM Explorer is designed, built and priced for SMBs. Its advanced features and lightweight footprint (which makes deployment fast), easy to use web-based management, native cloud integration, and simple pricing options – all make it more suitable to small and medium businesses than other competing products.