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I've already got tools to record and store videos - why would I want another tool for this?

over 2 years ago

I'm using WebEx to record reps selling conversations and Dropbox to store and organize them - what does role-play automation add? I'm trying to simplify all the tools we use, not add more!

Vendor Responses

Response by SharperAx

about 2 years ago

WebEx is good at web conferences, Dropbox and other video platforms are good at storing videos. But unfortunately, there are two big problems with using them to get reps on message:

1) we've seen very low rep adoption when you try to cobble together multiple tools like this and expect reps to use them. It is also quite difficult to administer and manage an ongoing story program with tools like these that were built for different purposes.

2) Frankensteined tools don't give you multiple versions of what good looks like, cheat sheets at eye level, a place to save unlimited practice versions, a built-in way to get coaching, ratings and approvals or a dashboard that shows the status of the programs - which reps have shared, which managers are coaching etc.

If you believe the sales conversation is the highest-leverage thing a sales rep does, this is the most important place to use the right tool.