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over 1 year ago

Can I import my contacts from another system?

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Response by GreenRope

over 1 year ago

Absolutely! We have easy-to-use contact import tools, and if you're REALLY busy, our support staff can do your import for you. Just ask! We're happy to help!

Transitioning to GreenRope will start paying dividends right away, but it's in the long-term that you will realize the enormous return on your investment. If you're starting or in the middle of implementing a non-integrated solution, or trying to piece together different pieces of software and it's not going so well, you're not alone. We have helped many organizations move to a better way of doing business.

Ask yourself how close you are to solving your problems. How soon and how much cost will it take to go down the road you are on? Are you relying on third parties to work together to make your vision happen? Remember that sunk costs don't matter. There's no sense throwing good money after bad - especially when a complete solution like GreenRope is available. If you face early contract termination fees, ask us about a credit toward your GreenRope subscription. Remember, GreenRope is your partner in business, and we want to see you succeed.