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InsideView Data

over 3 years ago

How does InsideView get their data? And how accurate is it?

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Response by InsideView

over 2 years ago

Accurate data is the core of the InsideView Open Platform, leveraging data gathered from news, social, companies and contacts, and financial sources. Using our proprietary and patented MTV (Multi-sourced, Triangulated, and Validated) techniques, InsideView data is the most accurate and constantly updated to reflect the latest information available. Check out our InsideView Trust site to find out more about our data accuracy measures: http://trust.insideview.com/

Here's a bit more about our MTV approach:

- Multi-sourced: Data is analyzed and presented from an extensive list of news, financial, and social sites. Our data comes from all four leading methods: editorial, web crawling, social, and crowd-sourcing

- Triangulated: Entity Triangulation™ matches company and people profiles from multiple sources for utmost accuracy. Each record field is compared across multiple sources to find the most current information

- Validated: Regardless of where the data originates, the accuracy is validated by passing data through our proprietary algorithms. In many cases, accuracy is further confirmed by InsideView’s editorial personnel.