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over 2 years ago

Does Integrify have an API for integration with existing systems?

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Response by Integrify

over 2 years ago

Integrify REST-Based API: RESTful web services that open up the Integrify Process Engine to your applications. Programmatically launch processes, complete tasks, check statuses, and much more. Common examples include:

-Starting a process in Integrify

-Viewing the status of a process instance

-Creating a user in Integrify

-and more...

External Auth API - The External Auth API gives developers the flexibility to implement their own authentication mechanism and securely authorize access to their Integrify data. Common uses:

Integrify Widget Embedder API - This API is designed for customers who wish to show portions of Integrify on other websites or in other web applications. A quick cut and paste of some JavaScript code is all that is required. Common use cases are:

-An Integrify form put on a website that initiates a process

-A list of tasks in an Intranet Portal

-A quick mashup with other cloud applications.

Common examples include:

-Embedding a form that launches a process

-Embedding an Integrify Shared Tab

-Embedding and Integrify Report

-and more...

Single Sign-on (SSO) is available:

-OAUTH Flows

-LDAP/Active Directory Authentication