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11 months ago

What buttons does Chargent add to Salesforce, and what do they mean?

Vendor Responses

Response by Chargent

11 months ago

Chargent adds a number of buttons to Salesforce Orders, Opportunities or Cases, so you can initiate real-time transactions directly from these Salesforce records. The buttons are as follows:

Charge - authorizes and captures a charge on a credit card, ACH or Direct Debit

Authorize - checks if the card is good, and an authorization will appear on an online banking register as "Pending" but will later disappear.

Void - reverses a transaction if it has been submitted to the gateway but not yet settled

Credit - credits money to a credit card, similarly to Void but for transactions that have already been settled

Charge Authorized - captures a charge that has previously been authorized on a card

Payment Request - optional feature in sites edition to email payment links to customers

Chargent uses very similar terminology to your credit card gateway, so you may wish to contact your particular payment gateway for more assistance.