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Is DNI going to hurt my SEO?

over 3 years ago

I understand with DNI that because the phone number on a website keeps changing that search engines, like Google, will penalize me. Google wants to see a consistent phone number to ensure I am transparent and reputable. Does DNI hurt SEO?

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Response by ActiveDEMAND

about 2 years ago

DNI helps marketers track the web activity that leads to a phone call into a business. Phone calls, typically, are considered “higher-quality” leads than, say, a submission of a form, and DNI plays a huge role in optimizing a website for phone calls.

The concern has been that search engines index a website, and by doing so they will index several different phone numbers, raising a red flag. Search engines put a lot of pieces together to determine the legitimacy of a website, and when the phone number keeps changing, this can hurt a business’ reputation.

Here’s the good news: DNI does not impact the way search engines index a website. The reason for this is that DNI technology from reputable vendors will not be triggered by “bots” (the calls made to a website by search engines indexing a site). Whenever bots visit a website using DNI technology, the bot will always “serve up” the main phone number for the business – therefore, when search engines use a company’s phone number to help establish legitimacy, DNI exhibits no negative impact.

Our overall point is this: If you’ve been concerned with DNI impacting your SEO, don’t be. As long as you’re utilizing a DNI service from a reputable company, there’s really nothing to worry about. If you are already using DNI – which we congratulate you on – you’re ahead of the curve.