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Is Panorama Necto a Smart BI/Smart Data Discovery Solution?

over 3 years ago

Will Smart BI be an important trend in business intelligence?

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Response by Panorama Necto

over 2 years ago

Panorama supports all the usual visuals – and a few more besides. But what differentiates it is its suggestive engine. As the term suggests, this suggests data that is likely to be of interest, and the more the platform is used, the more it learns.

Its Suggestive data discovery capability recommends where data insights can be found, helping to automate data preparation and pattern exploration. Providing Business Insights Instead of big & fat reports.

Necto is the ultimate recommendation engine automating pattern exploration and analysis, suggesting the right insight to the right user.

“Necto is a differentiated platform, uniquely offering a suggestive BI functionality that suggests best BI content based on popular usage by your

peers. ” - Forrester