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Is sharing of my data through Exselo Desktop secure?

almost 3 years ago

Using Exselo Desktop, I can share parts of my index with friends and co-workers, enabling them to find information from me. Is this done in a secure way?

Vendor Responses

Response by Exselo Desktop

over 2 years ago

All seach and sharing of information between users and devices in Exselo Desktop is done using a 2-layer security model. The outer communication layer is encrypted using an AES128 peer-to-peer protocol. Within this layer, we create another layer using PGP to ensure authenticity of users and devices as well as a crypthographic privacy. This means that all network based interactions (searches, chats, opening of remote files) are only available between those parties, and verifiable so. Your PGP private key exists only at your device, making it impossible for anyone (us at Exselo included) to read the contents of your interactions.