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Kite Color

over 2 years ago

What do the different color kites mean?

Vendor Responses

Response by KiteDesk FIND

about 2 years ago

You'll notice as you browse online, specifically on Social Networks, you will see little kite icons next to the names of people and organizations. The color tell will be an indication of whether the person/organization you're looking at, is or is not currently in your CRM. A green kite means that the person/organization IS in your CRM, while a blue kite means the person/organization IS NOT in your CRM. Think Green for Go and Blue for Cold. If you see a Yellow kite that means that we think there could be a match in your CRM but there may be a discrepancy in the name or organization. You can also click on the kite to search for the person/organization in the KiteDesk application or to add it to your Web Prospects List. When you add someone to your list, the kite will turn Red to indicate this.