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Mail Server and Program Integration

over 1 year ago

Does FoundationIP integrate with Outlook or other email programs (i.e. Gmail)?

Vendor Responses

Response by FoundationIP

over 1 year ago

For many customers, email is the most effective and frequently used tool on a day-to-day basis but also the most difficult to consolidate or organize. Organizations struggle with retrieving a single view of communication history as it relates to a particular matter or activity. This is compounded when you may have multiple internal and external parties working on a matter, all with different email addresses and different preferences.

To address this, FoundationIP comes with built-in email capability, called Messages. This provides customers with the following benefits:

- Easily integrates with your current email solution. Simply set-up auto forwarding in FoundationIP to your primary email account and you are ready to go. No need to manage the installation of plug-ins.

- All emails sent from FoundationIP include a thread ID, which identifies the activity and matter the email is related to. As long one of the recipients is your FoundationIP email address and the email contains a thread ID – it is automatically logged against the matter/activity it is related too.

- Emails without a thread ID can easily be processed with Messages tool. Similar to a normal email program, users have the following benefits:

-Organize emails with standard folder structures. Full Searching capability.

-Docket your emails directly as an activity, or associate an email against multiple matters.

- Copy attachments from your emails to Documents in matters.

- Leverage FoundationIP Messages as your centralized email address so that all emails are routed through the system for easy processing.

- Emails are secure. Set them to be viewable by participants on the matter, or only visible to internal employees. Alternatively, classify an email as subject to export control to ensure you enforce ITAR guidelines.