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What are some processes commonly streamlined by Automate?

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Automate has the flexibility to automate almost any process as long as it is repeated and predictable, but there are a few processes that are especially popular to streamline. One is report generation and distribution. Automate can write data into reports in a variety of formats and send the reports to stakeholders—no manual copying and pasting of numbers required. Automate is also useful for user provisioning. When new employees join your company, setting up accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, etc. can take up a lot of time. Automate can take user provisioning off your hands while also managing other HR onboarding tasks like collecting data from employee paperwork and sending information to payroll. Finally, organizations these days are dealing with a higher volume of data than ever before. Data extraction from unstructured sources, data entry, and other database automation tasks can all be automated with Automate.