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What products do we offer?

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Response by Zignal Labs

8 months ago

Zignal Enterprise Platform: Gives anyone in your organization the information they need to make smarter decisions. Capture and analyze the full media spectrum in realtime to instantly surface the issues that really matter, at the moment they start to matter.

Zignal Command Center: Bring together the power of people, process and data. Zignal Command Center creates a common operating model for teams to collaborate, make faster decisions and plan strategically. Stunning, data-driven visualizations deliver the realtime insights to take action.

Zignal Bot Intelligence: Detect bot-led disinformation in real-time, understand topics and narratives bot networks are pushing and separate human from bot led social media chatter.

Zignal Brand Health: Leverage media analytics to get a real-time snapshot into the health of your brand.

Zignal Discover: Spread insights throughout the enterprise with curated live dashboards that are accessible to everybody.

Zignal API: Quickly and easily integrate insights and analysis into existing business applications or products.