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Real-time reporting vs. the data warehouse and Cubes

over 1 year ago

What is the difference between real-time reporting and reporting from the data warehouse and cubes?

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Response by Jet Reports

over 1 year ago

Real-time reporting, as primarily obtained with Jet Professional, collects data directly from a live database. Once refreshed, the report represents the most up-to-date data providing immediate answers to the questions you have, making it a fantastic tool for financial reports. With real-time reporting however, users need to understand the underlying data structure of the database in order to build and design reports. It may take longer for real-time queries to return results to the user depending on the complexity of the inquiry and calculations.

Reporting from a data warehouse or from OLAP Cubes, with a solution like Jet Enterprise, provides a wealth of value that traditional reporting tools simply cannot. With a data warehouse and cube environment in place, it is much faster and easier for users to access their information because the data has been pre-organized in a way that makes sense to the business users. It also allows for custom calculations and the consolidation of multiple data sources leading to a better optimized reporting engine. Since calculations are handled within the data warehouse and cubes versus on an individual report level, this also guarantees “one version of the truth” across the organization. This environment is ideal for business analytics, looking at the key performance metrics in all areas of your business, and summarizing them in an easy to read, and visually appealing way. A data warehouse is refreshed frequently based on the needs of the business.