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Response Codes

over 1 year ago

What do the various response codes mean?

Vendor Responses

Response by FullContact APIs

over 1 year ago

The FullContact API docs are the best place to find the most up to date information on our response codes. Here is a direct link to that section. Possible reasons for most common responses:

Why am I getting 202 responses? How long does it take the FullContact Person API to perform the search after a 202 response?

This is a new search request that we haven’t seen before and will search for it - hence the message stating that you should try again. A 202 response does not count as a match and is not counted in your monthly allowance of Person matches so a refresh is needed.

A webhook URL was provided in the request and the response will be delivered to that URL

The request had ‘queue=1’ on it, which will force a refresh of the record.

You should resubmit non-webhook queries that result in 202 responses so that you can get the final result of the search, which will be either a 200 result with the data for the person searched, or a 404 response, indicating the search did not find any information for the person queried. If you do not resubmit your query on 202 responses, you are potentially leaving a lot of matches on the table!

If you prefer not to have to track and resubmit queries that resulted in a 202 response, we recommend you use our webhooks capability. With webhooks you call the Person API with your query, and then we POST back your endpoint/URL once we have the complete response to your query. You do not need to resubmit your request. You can read more about how to implement webhooks in the Webhooks section of the Person API docs. Within the Person API documentation, you can also view a full diagram of the Person API process flow.