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RightSignature vs. Competition

over 2 years ago

Why is RightSignature better than the competition?

Vendor Responses

Response by RightSignature

about 2 years ago

RightSignature is renowned for its elegant, intuitive user experience and capture of real, handwritten signatures. From sending a document with a few clicks to building a reusable template to filling out and signing a form online, RightSignature makes electronic signatures easy and enjoyable. With infrastructure by Amazon Web Services, our security and scalability are world-class. Continuous development and improvement keeps RightSignature on the cutting edge.

For the solo professional and small business, RightSignature provides the simplest and most effective online document software. For the large organization, RightSignature offers rapid deployment with little or no IT requirements, minimal training needs, a powerful suite of enterprise-only features, and custom consulting. We find the other electronic signature programs to be complex and intimidating, and, perhaps most importantly, to require signers to change their behavior in significant ways. RightSignature replicates pen-and-paper signing in the browser, which provides a natural and familiar-feeling experience.

Furthermore, RightSignature has innovated in many key areas, including our robust authentication process, mouse signature pad, mobile signing options, and fill-out-a-form navigation tools. We offer an easy-to-use, full-featured solution designed for your needs.