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SVN repository for CodeBrag

almost 3 years ago

I have installed the codebrag 2.3.3 and try to configure the SVN repository

i have configured the svn path and code cloned into repos directory , but when try to run its looking .git folder.

i dont have git repository

kindly update the configuration details.


12:42:52.697 [main] INFO o.scalatra.servlet.ScalatraListener - The cycle class name from the config: ScalatraBootstrap

12:42:52.800 [main] INFO o.scalatra.servlet.ScalatraListener - Initializing life cycle class: ScalatraBootstrap

12:42:52.911 [main] ERROR ScalatraBootstrap - repository not found: E:\Code Review tools\codebrag\codebrag-2.3.3\repos\Arguments Validation API\.git

12:42:52.911 [main] ERROR ScalatraBootstrap - Codebrag cannot continue, exiting