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about 1 year ago

What does Zignal's "real-time" mean?

Vendor Responses

Response by Zignal Labs

about 1 year ago

Data is captured, analyzed and presented in real-time to ensure timely action and reporting. By detecting and analyzing the entire media spectrum in real-time, Zignal provides the most comprehensive view of where stories and conversations originate and how they syndicate across all channels. In realtime, Zignal will detect brand threats associated with issues, news, critical influencers, or brand name mentions.

The Zignal solution will analyze the spectrum of traditional, digital and media to support data-driven decision making for competitive intelligence, strategic planning, risk management, marketing, executive reporting, determining share of voice, and influencer identification and management.

The real-time nature of the Zignal platform empowers crisis response teams to pinpoint the root cause of a crisis – revealing news sources, influencers and key topics that are fueling the flames.

Zignal Labs is differentiated from current and other social listening or media monitoring tools by offering data from all traditional and digital channels in real-time to offer up actionable insights through intuitive data visualizations.