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Translation Technology FAQ

11 months ago

Is it possible to measure the results? How do I ensure quality and monitor my spend?

Vendor Responses

Response by Smartling

11 months ago

Smartling uses the vast amount of data collected in the cloud to enable our customers to make informed data-driven decisions, ultimately helping them to optimize the speed, quality, and cost of their translation process. Available on-demand and in real-time directly within the Smartling dashboard, current reports include: Cost Estimates (by translation job/language); Translator Word Counts (by translator/language and selected time period); SmartMatch Leverage (automatically leveraged 100% matches); Fuzzy Match/TM Savings (cost savings from translation memory re-use); Processed Words (total number of words translated across all projects); Issues (opened/closed by project/language in a given date range); Content Velocity (translation speed/turnaround time by selected time period, language and workflow step); Content Changes (content changes by selected time period, language and workflow step); Quality Evaluation with DQF (clear insights that help to reduce error incidence and improve quality).

For our Global Delivery Network (proxy solution), the following additional reports are available: Site Traffic, Tracked URLs. In addition, the Smartling Professional Services team can create a great number and variety of custom reports, which can be scheduled for automated delivery to customer contacts.