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Unitrends Forever Cloud

over 2 years ago

How is the Retention service priced?

Vendor Responses

Response by Unitrends

about 2 years ago

Forever Cloud Retention is priced based on the amount of Protected Capacity you want to replicate to the Unitrends Cloud for long-term retention. Protected Capacity is the maximum amount of data you want to protect, prior to backup.

Forever Cloud Retention can be purchased in 500GB increments. That’s it – no additional cloud storage fees, ever. One-, three-, and five-year subscriptions are available.

For example, say you have 10TB of primary data prior to backup in your environment. You want to replicate 5TB of that data to the Untirends Cloud for long-term retention. Purchase 5TB of Forever Cloud Retention, even if you are backing up all 10TB to your on-premise backup storage. This model provides flexibility for you to pay for just what you want to protect in the cloud, and nothing more.