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about 2 years ago

Why do clients need PEM?

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Response by IBM B2B Collaboration

about 2 years ago

Clients have a need to grow their partner communities efficiently to accelerate revenue growth. This requires significant investment for their partner onboarding activities and related processes. Clients may be using manual processes that are prone to costly errors and subsequent rework. In some cases, a client may have built and are now managing a home-grown solution that can prove to be challenging due to the ever changing landscape of partner requirements.

Key business needs are:

• Reduced partner management costs: Ability to expose activities internally or externally to allow end users or the trading partners themselves to provide pertinent information necessary to configure underlying solutions and freeing up staff for other activities.

• Consistent and repeatable activities: Onboard trading partners in the same manner regardless of the make-up of the underlying components that make-up the overall solution.

• Maintain visibility of partner communities: Eliminate siloed or paper-based management of partners and provide an overall view into a partner community with more information available to more easily and readily available.

• Better control: Address governance and risk issues through secure means of handling partner configuration values and implement processes such as dual approval prior to provisioning to production environments.