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Version Conflicts

over 2 years ago

In any system that replicates data, conflicts can arise, for example when two clients update the same object at the exact same time or when not all updates have yet reached hardware that is experiencing lag.

In Riak, replicas are eventually consistent, meaning that while data is always available, not all replicas may have the most recent update at the exact same time, causing brief periods—generally on the order of milliseconds—of inconsistency while all state changes are synchronized.

Riak addresses data conflicts as follows: When you make a read request, Riak looks up all replicas for that object. By default, Riak will return the most recently updated version, determined by looking at the object’s vector clock. Vector clocks are metadata attached to each replica when it is created. They are extended each time a replica is updated to keep track of versions. You can also allow clients to resolve conflicts themselves if that is a better fit for your use case.