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We've got so many sales productivity tools, why do we need another one?

over 2 years ago

We've got a rep email tool, a research tool, a quote tool, a presentation tool, an electronic signature tool and a forecasting tool. We've got indigestion from trying to implement all these tools and many reps aren't using the ones we've got -= why do we want another tool in a space I've never heard of before?

Vendor Responses

Response by SharperAx

about 2 years ago

The tools you mention free up rep time to sell more (efficiency tools). That's a good thing -- if they know what they're talking about when they use that extra selling time.

Unfortunately, prospects have gotten savvier faster than most sales reps have been able to skill-up on adding value during sales calls - sharing the hard-won company insights, wisdom and stories that prospects value when making decisions.

Forrester found 90% of sales calls are a waste of time, according to prospects.

So, there is a good chance your company is investing its time and money in selling badly, faster and faster. This is very expensive because not only does it yield low close rates, but it scorches the earth with those prospects and often locks you out of those accounts in the future.

This is why prioritizing the sales conversation and getting reps on-message with a role-play automation tool is critical and should be prioritized. Not only will it increase your close rate, but it will leverage all the time your efficiency tools have freed up.