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What are the main features of SherpaDesk?

about 3 years ago

SherpaDesk offers the following features:

Complete API library

Track and route work orders from users

Create custom notifications on specific issues

Use Active Directory to manage user authentication

Capture all billable hours via email, mobile or web app

Convert billable time to invoices

Track incoming calls and manage service level agreements

Engage customers using the chat with remote desktop

Track billable time to all projects

Track billable time to all clients

Take control of a user's desktop

Create multiple customer rate plans for customers

Evaluate performances against the team

Receive and update support activity via the email parser

Manage and report on all customers support issues

Create rich text private and public support articles

Create custom alerts to notify when issues become neglected

Integrate into leading accounting and LDAP management tools

Route issues based on type, account, priority and projects

Vendor Responses

Response by SherpaDesk

over 2 years ago

SherpaDesk offers the following support options:

FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials