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What are the prices of Bizagi BPM Suite products?

over 3 years ago

Bizagi offers its software for free online, and on an unlimited time basis, which is unique in the BPM market. Bizagi has had over two and a half million downloads and over 150,000 active users.

Bizagi delivered its disruptive freemium model many years ago, at a time when the BPM market was tarnished with a negative perception. Bizagi wanted to show the business community that BPM projects didn’t have to be expensive or complex – hence it offered its Modeler and Studio for free. This gamble paid off, creating a 200,000+ member community who can reap the benefits of BPM quickly and easily.

In return, Bizagi gains invaluable feedback from users, making Bizagi one of the most recognized BPM brands online. Once the processes are designed and automated, users can then implement them with Bizagi Studio without programming, also for free.

The freemium model not only eliminates capex spend; its low-code approach and comprehensive e-learning both shorten development time and reduce the need for costly in-house training.

In fact, Bizagi only charges for the automation component (Bizagi Engine) that turns BPMN diagrams into running process applications.

Because of the ease of access to Bizagi’s products, and their intuitive and powerful modeling environment, prospects can learn, test and try the system prior to approaching Bizagi. And only when they are ready to run 100s of processes across the business do they get in touch. To make this transition from free to paid-for even easier, all customers are offered a Starter Plan to further reduce the system’s total cost of ownership.