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What are the top features of Donately?

over 2 years ago

What features make Donately the best solution on the market?

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Response by Donately

almost 2 years ago

A few of Donately's top features are:

- Custom Campaign Pages: Your campaign page is easily customized and designed to motivate your donors to give, regardless of which device they are using! The pages have their own URL, making them ideal for sharing on your social channels or linking from your website.

- Embeddable Forms: Create beautiful forms that can be placed on your website in less than 5 minutes

- Automatic Donor Receipts: We'll automatically send your donors a custom receipt after they give to your cause.

- Powerful Insights: It's your data, own it! Our reporting will give you insights into your donors so you can optimize your fundraising efforts.

That's not all! Check out this link for a full list of our features: https://donately.com/features/