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What are the Vroozi solutions and what processes are covered?

over 2 years ago

Product information can be found the website under "Platform". The modules include: Purchase Management, Catalog Management, Marketplace, Spend Analytics, Purchase Express, Invoice Management, Supplier Portal, and Integrations.

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Response by Vroozi

over 2 years ago

Catalog Marketplace (smartOCI) - the catalog can be integrated with any buying system (eg: purchasing system, plant maintenance, project systems, contract lifecycle management, sourcing, etc) to provide a central hub for approved and contracted suppliers. The catalog also improves usability with an online shopping user experience. Companies can use the catalog for Guided Buying, which directs any user to the right product, supplier, policy, process, procedure, etc for that context.

Purchasing Manager - a procure-to-pay platform that delivers a familiar user experience for casual users to process and track their purchase requests through to invoice verification. The solution can be accessed from any device - laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Purchase Express - casual users can create purchase requests using a basic shopping list - no accounting required. Casual users access an any time, anywhere (eg: mobile) experience to collaborate with power users who need to create purchase requests in a procurement system (ERP, SRM, et). Purchase Express reduces the number of people who need to be trained on a procurement system like ERP or SRM.