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What exactly is RESULTS.com?

over 2 years ago

There's no single term to describe it.

Vendor Responses

Response by RESULTS.com

about 2 years ago

You're right that there's no single term for our application, and one main reason is that there's no single type of employee who uses it.

Every employee loves RESULTS, and so do the executives, and so do the Board members.

RESULTS.com takes data from all sources – Salesforce.com to an Excel spreadsheet – and makes it meaningful to each user in their own way.

Some of our clients put RESULTS up on a screen so everyone can see it. Others check the chat function on their phone as they would social media. Others pour over goal hierarchies and meeting notes. Still others look at the big picture and contemplate the future.

RESULTS.com gives each of those people a home and a way to succeed at the things they can do to advance the company's strategic plan. It closes the gap between strategy and execution by bringing your strategy to live and giving everyone a place they can call their own.