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What file formats does the system output for print templates?

about 3 years ago

Very often users will need to take files created on the system and use them offline. What file formats does the system produce for print templates? Will they be usable for local marketers?

Are there ways that users can use the templates themselves, or do they have to be ordered through the system?

Vendor Responses

Response by CampaignDrive

about 2 years ago

Print templates on the system are output by default as high-resolution, print-ready PDFs. These high-res PDFs can be downloaded to users' desktop for use offline (sending to a local printer, etc). Documents can be downloaded with or without crop-marks and can be converted into Greyscale dynamically. The system also allows users to convert these documents into JPEGs that can be used on the web.

All print templates on the system can also be delivered directly to specified printing vendors using CampaignDrive's ordering features. With these features enabled, users can order high-quality prints seamlessly once they have customized their documents.