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What is a free team, and what can I do with this feature?

over 2 years ago

What is a free team, and what can I do with this feature?

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Response by Dropbox

about 2 years ago

Free teams are built for Basic and Pro users who work together at the same company or on the same projects. When you create or join a free team, you get access to:

The team folder

The team folder is a company- or organization-wide folder that’s automatically shared with all members of a free team. Changes to a file in the team folder will reflect in the work Dropbox of each team member.

All sub-folders in the team folder are automatically shared with your entire free team; however, if you’re working on a project with external collaborators, you can choose to share certain sub-folders with those contributors as well. If you're the owner of a shared folder, you can easily keep company information in one place by dragging existing shared folders into the team folder from your desktop or move them at dropbox.com.

A separate work and personal Dropbox

Team members can connect work and personal Dropbox accounts, and easily toggle between the two. Both accounts are accessible on dropbox.com, and on any connected computer or mobile device.


A group is a preset list of members. By creating a group you can share files or folders with everyone in that list with a single click, rather than adding colleagues one-by-one.

Sharing controls

Team members can limit access to shared folders and links to team members only.