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What is Sloop1?

almost 4 years ago

What exactly is Sloop1 and how can improve my Business decision?

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Response by Sloop1

about 2 years ago

Sloop1 is the First Web-Analysis platform for e-Commerce that uses a Neuro-Cognitive processing engine for Managing and Reporting all the human actions performed within your online shop. Through Sloop1.com you can Learn, Evaluate and Manage all data concerning exactly what your visitors do in the Real Time on your products-Pages, both at Conscious or Unconscious level. You will learn what are the individual areas that Attract most of the Attention, but do not generate Actions. You will Know exactly everything that is done through your form, which fields are most drawn, which generate the largest number of dropouts, how much time takes to complete each of them and even which fields do generate most Interest before they are compiled. You will know what are the colors that Attract most of the attention of your visitors, and on all the domains that are in the same commercial-category of Yours.....and much much more.