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What is the benefit to not being CRM native?

over 3 years ago

Some CPQ providers are native to "Salesforce" or another CRM. What are the benefits to CPQ not being native?

Vendor Responses

Response by CallidusCloud

about 2 years ago

While CRM is data intensive, CPQ is compute intensive. CPQ relies on complex pricing and rule algorithms that are re-computing the configuration, price and solution in real-time with every user click or transaction. To support this, CPQ requires significant compute and transaction power, or the user experience will be greatly slowed down. CRM platforms needs only the ability to store large amounts of data and handle large numbers of users.

Further, CRM platforms are built on a shared computing system. Many companies are running their applications simultaneously from the same compute engine. To ensure that an application in the environment doesn’t use-up too much computing power (and thereby negatively impact the performance of other applications), governor limits are imposed on each application in the environment. The impact of these governor limits could mean limiting the products, rules governing your product configuration and approvals.

From a user perspective, when using CallidusCloud CPQ integrated with the CRM, the sales rep will never leave the CRM.