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What Makes Qgiv Different?

8 months ago

There are tons of options for nonprofits who want to start raising money online. Why should I consider using Qgiv?

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Response by Qgiv

8 months ago

Nonprofits need two things to grow: they need reliable tools, and they need to be able to experiment with different methods.

That's why we offer unlimited access to reliable features and ways to help nonprofits experiment without taking tons of risks. Unlimited donation forms and events let nonprofits play with branding, promotions, form style, and other elements that can affect a donor's decision to give. There's also tons of room to experiment with custom receipts and thank-you pages.

Exploring new fundraising methods like peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, or text giving can be intimidating, especially if it requires signing a long-term contract for a tool you're not sure you're going to love. Qgiv has lots of features but no contracts; if you want to try a peer-to-peer event or text giving and discover it's not a good fit, you can move back to a different feature set.

Our biggest concern is your success, and you have to experiment to be successful. We give you room to grow and tools you can always count on.