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What security models are supported 'out-of-the-box'?

about 2 years ago

Yellowfin has its own authentication model but can be configured to reference an Active Directory/LDAP setup for user/group authentication & validation. The platform is also equipped with its own web services API library with SSO capabilities – this enables customers to potentially SSO from their own custom authentication models e.g oAuth, SAML, etc.


Yellowfin also has user/group/role based security that enables varying levels of access across the platform in terms of functionality, as well as access to content items (reports, dashboards, storyboards, etc). The platform also has fine-grain row level security which is used to restrict data based on the user viewing the content item (e.g manager being able to see KPIs for their departments only, CEO sees everything, etc).

Yellowfin also natively supports multi-tenancy and database pass through authentication.