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What security policies, procedures and softwares are in place?

about 3 years ago

We operate a suite of ongoing security tools and methodologies for example, constant monitoring including intrusion detection and integrity checking, file checks, scans and file encryption. Access is strictly limited and controlled.

While we have counter-measures for attacks on passwords, please make sure your own password is a good one (8 or more characters, mixed digit/letter and upper/lower case), and we recommend changing it intermittently.

Within the system you can increase the strength of your own passwords, force them to be changed periodically and use two-factor authentication.

An access control policy is in place. We use the full array of methods to ensure restrictions on access, with a system architecture hardened for and designed around security.

A developer is a nominated security officer responsible for tracking software updates and critical security updates, notifying developers and ensuring updates are executed. Standard system updates are applied routinely.