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What technologies do you use to mitigate DDoS attacks?

about 2 years ago

What kind of technologies does Incapsula use against DDoS attacks?

Vendor Responses

Response by Imperva Incapsula

about 2 years ago

Unlike most DDoS protection service providers, who integrate third-party solutions over which they don’t have any control and are infrequently updated, Incapsula DDoS Protection solution was built from the ground up using proprietary, self-developed technologies. This includes dedicated hardware (i.e., scrubbing servers) with the highest levels of scalability and resiliency, as required to handle the largest network DDoS attacks.

Based on Incapsula’s security expertise and using proprietary technology developed specifically for this purpose, these servers perform robust deep packet inspection (DPI) identify and block malicious packets based on the most granular of details. This new technology lets us inspect all attributes of each incoming packet, while serving hundreds of gigabits of traffic at an inline rate.

By using our own best-in-class technologies, we have the flexibility to evolve our DDoS protection at DevOps speed, enabling us to provide customers with the best protection against massive volumetric attacks, as well as highly sophisticated application layer (Layer 7) attacks.