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Where does the catalog content come from?

over 2 years ago

I see a marketplace but where does the content come from?

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Response by Vroozi

over 2 years ago

There are 3 options for catalogs:

* Internal catalog (index supplier’s catalog content) - supplier creates a file from an import template that contain the products, services, and pricing that are specific to that buyer based on an agreement. The file is indexed and available for employees to search. Internal catalog content can be enriched with company-specific fields, attributes, and content.

* Punch out - employees can access an external catalog hosted by the supplier. The catalog maintains the credentials for the user to access the external catalog. The right products and pricing are made available based on the login. Users then return the products they need to the catalog cart to build their purchase request.

* Level 2 punch out - a hybrid of the 2 options above. Internal catalog content is used to direct users to the right external catalog. For example, if a user searches on “computer”, the search results will direct the user to the external catalog where she needs to buy a computer. The internal catalog content are pointers to external catalog content. The pointers can direct the user to:

-- The supplier catalog landing page - store

-- The category - aisle

-- A group of like products - shelf

-- A specific product - sku

Companies can also create their own content using the above methodologies and templates to achieve Guided Buying. In Guided Buying, users are directed the right product, policy, process, or agreement, based on procurement objectives and rules.