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Who uses Mavenlink?

about 2 years ago

Who are Mavenlinks target customers?

Vendor Responses

Response by Mavenlink

about 2 years ago

Consulting / Professional Services - Every consultant acts as a project manager, whether for a big team or independently, so they need a tool to monitor both project schedules and financials for the good of the client and the good of their consulting practice. Mavenlink provides both.

Marketing and Advertising - Marketing/advertising agencies are primarily concerned with keeping clients happy, which is often a result of projects being on on time and/or under budget. Agencies often bill their clients by the hour or via a retainer, and Mavenlink gives the flexibility to do both. Mavenlink also gives them clarity into team utilization to effectively plan resourcing needs.

Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) - Mavenlinkā€™s holistic, centralized collaboration capabilities allow AEC professionals to collaborate in unison and in real-time, allowing each separate function to work together more efficiently on projects and eliminate wasted efforts.

IT Industry - IT projects are often large, detailed, and highly delivery-focused, with a LOT of moving parts to organize and implement. Mavenlink helps IT teams plan projects more efficiently and perform granular analysis, allowing for better success in implementation.