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Why are WebEx products my best choice for online collaboration?

over 2 years ago

Our online meeting products give you an incredible array of features.

Vendor Responses

Response by Cisco Webex Meetings

over 2 years ago

They’re all standard with any paid subscription, including video conferencing with full screen, multiple feed, or side-by-side with screen sharing viewing modes. You can switch presenters, share what’s on your desktop or an application, annotate documents together, sketch ideas on a virtual whiteboard, record meetings, and organize or join meetings from your smartphone or tablet. And those are just the highlights of online meeting features.

We also have best-in-class WebEx solutions for events, webinars, training, and remote support. Instead of learning multiple products from different vendors, you can work with one vendor for all of your collaboration needs.

WebEx collaboration products are easy to use. We help you conference, collaborate, and present online more productively without technology hassles getting in the way.