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Why should I (or why should authors) consider using MadCap Flare?

over 2 years ago

Why should I use MadCap Flare?

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Response by MadCap Flare

about 2 years ago

There are three core reasons people consider MadCap Flare:

1) Content Reuse: Flare takes a topic-based authoring approach to maximize content reuse and streamline content management. With Flare, users are able to update the same content across a wide range of deliverables, instead of updating and maintaining multiple variations.

2) Multi-channel Publishing: Flare makes it easy to ensure your content is accessible to your end users, wherever they are, and however they prefer to view your content. Using Flare, users can publish to multiple formats including Responsive HTML5, WebHelp, PDF, Word, XHTML, EPUB, DITA and more.

3) Ease of Use: Content authors do not need to be XML programmers to be able to achieve maximum content reuse, and are given the ability to publish content into multiple formats.