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Will Installing Document Management Software Disrupt Operations?

about 2 years ago

How will I have the time to install and implement document management software? I have a lot of paper files.

Vendor Responses

Response by eFileCabinet

about 2 years ago

Although scanning all an organization’s existing paper documents may seem daunting, the years of paper amassed in an office don’t need to be scanned all at once. It’s much more important to have a plan and duration for scanning and uploading than it is scanning all the paper files at once.

The short answer to companies who do not hire temp employees to upload and scan documents is yes. If an organization is getting rid of an on old document management solution and replacing it with a newer, more functional model, the data conversion process may take as little as one day.

If an organization is entirely new to Document Management Software, and elects to hire temporary employees to scan and upload documents to the system, the installation and roadmap process can take as little as one week. Moving forward in implementation also requires a protocol with employee incentive to scan and upload all new files to the DMS accordingly.

“Disruption” is a subjective term, and although the initial 1 – 2-day scanning process, coupled with the training and implementation, will result in lost time, this time will be made up for and then some over the span of the weeks, months, years, and decades of efficiency that follow post installation.

The years of efficiency, cost-reduction, and sustainable office management will overshadow the disruption associated with the installation process, particularly as outlined in document management user case studies. Documents are more accessible, workflows are automated to create accountability-centric processes, and what was as much as 80% of the company’s information being in an unmanaged state becomes retrievable, identifiable, usable, accessible, and above all—easy.