EagleSoft is a dental practice management software by Patterson Dental Supply. This software enables dental offices to streamline their efficiency by simplifying daily tasks. EagleSoft offers features to focus on patient growth, patient communication and your front office. EagleSoft, by Patterson Dental Supply, is a dental management software that enables dentists to effectively manage their office, grow their practice and communicate with existing patients. Patterson Dental Supply was founded in 1877 to enhance the dental practice lifestyle and patient experience.

EagleSoft Platform

EagleSoft streamlines a number of dental front office tasks. This product offers functions such as smart invoices, date-based reporting and line item accounting so that users can easily handle patient payments. Easily create appointments with EagleSoft’s scheduling functionality, which allows users to perform actions such as double-booking appointments and scheduling appointments in various time units. This dental software offers a number of ways to communicate with patients and manage their records. EagleSoft provides a document manager to create traditional or email documents that allow users to correspond with existing patients. EagleSoft offers the capability to store charts, notes and patient images all within one record. As long as users subscribe to EagleSoft’s support and utilize at least one training option, this software is free of charge.

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Review Summary

EagleSoft has 64 reviews on G2 Crowd, 29 of which came from within the last year.
Multiple reviewers highlight EagleSoft's:
  • Slower to reach roi
  • Easier to admin
  • More expensive
Most Recent EagleSoft Review
Wonderful and Easy
Reviewed On January 23, 2019
It is user friendly and it is simply wonderful! When we knew we were going to switch to another software we were all sad. It also has many colors so it is a never boring background like some other softwares. I personally liked that. I highly recommend!


According to G2 Crowd Data, EagleSoft's main competitors in the Dental space are:


RevenueWell and XCharge

Funding and Acquisition History

  • Founded in 1877
  • 3,180 employees
  • Public company
  • Patterson Dental went public in 1992 and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker PDCO. As of the June 29, 2018 market close, Patterson Dental trades at $22.20 a share

    Do you work for EagleSoft?


    Do you work for EagleSoft?