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Recruiters Solutions

Recruiters are responsible for compiling the key components that make up the core of every successful business: its people. Their job function includes outreach to find new candidates, assessing the qualifications of applicants, and managing the interview and evaluation process. When a recruiter is successful and able to bring in top talent, the rest of the organization tends to follow suit. In order for recruiters to effectively do their job, the aid of software is often necessary. Sometimes, the required functionality of recruiting software will be packed into one product, while other times a confluence of products better meets the needs of recruiters.

  • How do recruiters attract strong candidates?

    Recruiters need superb organizational skills to manage the mountains of applications they receive. But before those applications come rolling in, it’s the recruiter’s job to source candidates and generate interest in their company among job seekers.

  • How do recruiters manage applicants?

    Recruiters are often forced to sift through a glut of job applications. This can make the selection process difficult, where organization is paramount.

  • How do recruiters deal with high-demand hiring?

    Sometimes the hiring needs of a company are too big for the existing recruiter(s) within an organization to handle. When this is the case, it’s not uncommon for recruiters to turn to a staffing agency to assist in the filling of several roles.

  • How do recruiters facilitate phone and video interviews?

    With more and more workforces embracing remote workers and distributed workforces, the need for phone and video interviews is becoming greater. Some organizations prefer to use software that is specifically built for video interviews. Other organizations use simple web conferencing tools.

  • How do recruiters hire short-term workers, contractors, and freelancers?

    Sometimes all an organization needs is one quick project to be completed, and there’s no one already within the organization that has either the skills necessary or bandwidth to complete the project. In this case recruiters need to turn outside their organization, and there are a few places they can look.

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