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4-Tell’s modern digital commerce platform drives collaboration, merchandising efficiency, customer loyalty and profitability.

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What is 4-Tell?

We believe the future of digital commerce will be defined by businesses' ability to collaborate digitally - and therefore build loyalty - with their shoppers. Currently, the tools don't exist to take businesses into the next realm of collaborative commerce by connecting omnichannel technologies. Luckily, we have engineered the modern digital commerce platform to make collaboration not only possible but efficient and effective for every sales associate in an organization.

Here's how it works. 4-Tell gathers rich customer and product-centric data through 4-Tell's search, recommendations, and integration of shopper history. 4-Tell's Cognitive Commerce Engine enriches this real-time shopper data and displays it in visual, user-specific profiles through our Collaborative Commerce Platform. In showcasing shopper behavior and buying signals, we inspire sales to collaborate more effectively, online and offline, with every shopper – driving loyalty, inspiring confidence and, ultimately, boosting business results.

4-Tell Details Provided by: Molly J.

4-Tell Details Provided by: Molly Judge

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